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Cappadocia, Country of Beautiful Horses

If you ask how you can tell to the people who do not know Cappadocia, I will tell you that; you know there were magnificent palaces which were told us while we were children; here Cappadocia is a dream which is beamed from that world of tales. For this reason it is called “Fairy Chimneys” to the formations which are occurred in consequence of natural wear in Cappadocia.

Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia is the name of a region which we can call the east of Middle Anatolia which includes Nevsehir, Nigde, Kayseri, Aksaray and Kirsehir. The word of Cappadocia has come out to become Cappadocia in time in consequence of changing the word Katpatuka, which means “Country of Beautiful Horses” whose name was given by Persians that reigned between B.C.E. 6 rd B.C.E. 3 century in the region.

As a result of volcanism which started about 60 million years ago, a different and interesting geography is formed in the consequence of Mt. Erciyes, Hasandag and Gulludag’s erupting lava and their ash layers’ being eroded by natural reasons like rain, snow, wind and erosion in time. Fairy chimneys which have been formed by these three volcanic mountains’ erupting lava like by embroidering have brought peerless natural wonder Cappadocia to the present.

Cappadocia, which still hides its mysteries and secrets with regards to either nature and culture or historical specialties, is one of the most precious places in the world that shows harmony of gorgeousness which Mother Nature forms and aesthetic.

Cappadocia’s one of the most important formations is underground city. Even more than interesting formations which you see in over ground is underground in Cappadocia region. In ancient times after primitive men who safeguard area for them by caving inside of volcanic rocks for protecting themselves from wild animals, first Christians who escaped from cruelty of Roman soldiers started to migrate in crowds to Anatolia in the first stages of Christianity and they resolved these huge underground cities by enlarging this underground shelters which they found in Cappadocia region. There are such big ones in underground cities that there are even schools, churches, sheds by animals, wineries and areas for families to use as a house.

Cappadocia is nature, history, culture. Grapes turn into wine, soil turns into crock, yarn turn into carpet in Cappadocia’s fertile soils. Please do not leave from Cappadocia without drinking wine by going to Urgup, sitting in front of pottery by going to Avanos, stopping by handmade carpet loom which you can see about in Cappadocia.

Everywhere in Cappadocia region is important in the way of tourism and history but there are some places that it is absolutely needed to see. Goreme Open air Museum, Ihlara Valley, Derinkuyu Underground City, Temenni Tepesi (Urgup), Uchisar and Selime Cathedral is some of them.

Undoubtedly that eating kebap cooked in a sealed clay pot in Avanos and overseeing Cappadocia from air by helium balloon tour must be absolutely on the thing to do list.


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Tours from Istanbul to Cappadocia

Cappadocia’s one of the most important formations is underground city and its very nice city , thanks for share it.


What a great photo! Two notes on this
1) The geology has some sitriailmies to formations in New Mexico. At the foot of the Jemez Mtns (a volcanic formation) is an area called Tent Rocks tuff that has eroded by wind and water to form tentlike rock formations,
2) I believe that Celts or proto-celts were in Anatolia during early parts of their development and movement. I believe they were among those who, early-on domesticated the horse. A lot is conjecture based on wishful thinking by those jingoists and sabre-rattlers would have us believe that we have become civilized by our skill at warfare (but that’s a story for another soapbox). Nonetheless, it’s interesting that your picture is of a horse in one of the early places they were domesticated Thanks for sharing!

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