Ihlara Valley

The road detaching to right from the 11th km of Aksaray Nevsehir road will bring you over Selime after 30 km to Ihlara borough and Ihlara Valley. Ihlara Valley is 15 km to Guzelyurt town center. Certainly, Ihlara Valley is the most popular valley among the people who would like to do trekking in Cappadocia. Melendiz Brook, ancient name “Potamus Kapadukus” flows through this magnificent canyon, which swirls between Yaprakhisar Village and Ihlara borough of Guzelyurt town of Aksaray. The valley is approximately 14 km and from place to place there are upright rocky walls with 100 mt height. With its unique natura, Ihlara valley is a perfect route for trekkers but also the valley has importance in terms of arkeology and history. In the past there were almost 100 churches, hidden besides the Melendiz Brook. Today most of them are not possible to be visited. We can say that there are only 13 churches available for the visitors.



Cappadocia Ihlara Valley

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Ihlara Valley

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I enjoyed your wide range of Cappadocia tours that visit all the highlights including Goreme Open museum, the pottery town of Avanos and Ihlara Valley.

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