Origin of Bosphorus Tours

Bosphorus Tour, one of the most specific city tour of Istanbul ,well,what is the origin of the name “Bosphorus tour”.

Io,the doughter of Argos King Inakhos,is a nun in Hera Temple of Argos City.One day, Zeus sees the most beautiful Io with blue eyes and he falls in love with her. Hera,Zeus’s wife, is seized with jealousy crisis when she is informed about this love.Zeus converts his love into a white cow in order to protect her from the rage of his wife and he takes an oath that he has no relation with this animal in order to calm Hera. Hera imposes condition that the cow should be delivered to her.She takes Io and sets thousand-eyed giant Argos as a security guard .Zeus appoints and sends Hermes to liberate his love .Hermes casts spell over Argos and kills him. As a counterstrike,Hera inflicts a horsefly upon Io and horsefly bites her. Io goes crazy because of the pain and runs from continent to continent but can not get ride of the horsefly. During her flee from the inflicted horsefly, Io passes through the Istanbul Strait. (hereinafter: the Istanbul Strait referred as “Bosphoyearsrus” which means “Cow Parade”) and she comes to the location of Golden Horn. She passes through the “Golden Horn”and gives birth to her doughter there and names her as “Keroessa-Keras” meaning the horn. Keroessa,educated by Nympha, marries the sea God Poseidon and gives birth to Byzas regarded as the founder of Istanbul. Byzas establishes a city where he was given birth by her mother. He builds a rampart around the city by the assistance of Apollon and Poseidon. One day, the Thracian King Haimos attacks the city and Byzas beats him one on one battle and chases him into Thrace. Byzantine was attacked and surrounded by the Scythians and when the King was out of the City. This time, his wife Phigaleia saved Byzas . In unity and solidarity with other women,she threws so many snakes to the headquarters of the enemy and thus Istanbul is liberated.

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Istanbul Tours
Istanbul Tours

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from Russia

Bosphorus has also been utilized as the key place during World War I and has created a great bridge between Istanbul and Russia.

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