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The worthwhile places of Istanbul to visit is the most important question to be responded for the tourists who want to go to Istanbul. First of all , I have to say that Istanbul is a great city, or even larger and more crowded city than many countries in Europe . Therefore, there are lots of places to visit. However, the most preferred places of Istanbul are located in the historic peninsula of old Istanbul surrounded by the ruins of the city walls constructed by Byzantine. Almost all of the historical monuments are in the old Istanbul called as historical peninsula. Of course, there is a modern face of the city , you need to go to Zincirlikuyu-Levent-Maslak region to see the modern and high buildings .What’s in the historical peninsula ? What can be seen there? Just let us say : Hagia Sophia,the pearl of Istanbul, Topkapi Palace ,the administration center of Ottoman Empire, Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) ,the most beauiful mosque, the incredible Yerebatan Cistern. All of them are in Sultanahmet district located in historical peninsula.


A tourist can not be considered as a tourist who went to Istanbul and returned without visiting Sultanahmet district.The key word is Sultanahmet for a tourst who intends to visit Istanbul. Sultanahmet Mosque is the most important mosque for the tourists but the most important mosque is Suleymaniye Mosque in terms of architecture.The architect of this mosque is Mimar Sinan ,the most important architect of Ottoman.


When you enter into the garden of Topkapi Palace ,you are faced with a huge courtyard . Hagia Sophia Church can be seen at the left side of this courtyard,and if you look at the right side of this courtyard,you will see the beautiful Bosphorus panaroma. A little ahead of Hagia Sophia, you will see a gate at the left side,the other side of this gate the Archeological Museum of Istanbul is located. . Topkapi Palace is a huge building complex and the most beautiful. The Galata tower is one of the Symbols of Istanbul, it is not located in the historical peninsula but not far from there. You need to cross the Galata Bridge and walk uphill. It is an inexpressible pleasure to see the panaroma of Istanbul from Galata Tower. Another place of interest is the Grand Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s first shopping mall, The Grand Bazaar looks like a labyrinth with many streets where you can find everything in the gift shops. highly recommended to obtain Grand Bazaar plan not to get lost!

Grand Bazaar

Before entering Grand Bazaar ,we recommend that you also visit Sahaflar Carsisi (market of second-hand bookseller) located behind the Beyazit Mosque. Until recently, this place was the market where the old books were sold ,but today has become a historical market where only new books can be found.

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Istanbul Tours

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I want to visit the Grand Bazaar looks awesoke and it is like a huge labyrinth with a lot of things

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