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The Mysteries of Hagia Sophia 1

Do you know something about the mysteries of Hagia Sophia which is one of the important stops of our Istanbul Imperial Tours?

Hagia Sophia ,has been used 921 years as church and 481 years as a mosque, has a great importance both Christianity and Islam religions. This unique structure includes lot of mysteries in itself.

Sweating pole

You will see a marble column erected in the inner side of the ultimate gate amongts the others when it’s counted from left side which are situated in the direction of Qibla .The most important feature of this column is to be humid in winter and summer.Therefore this column is called as “ sweating column”. The one and half meters of this column from the floor is covered with copper plates.

According to belief,this colums in Hagia Sophia provides remedy to those who has persistent headaches, digestive system diseases and malaria .The patient first touches his/her palms to the copper plates and then rubs his/her face with them.The disease would have been treated when this movement is repeated three times.İn addition, it’s rumored that the problem of the individuals with very sweaty hands disappears when they insert their finger into the hole on the pole.

The reason of sweating

According to belief,the great dome of Hagia Sophia was collapsed in an earthquake and 300 priest went to Mecca and took Zamzam water there, and mixed this water with the soil of Mecca and placed this mortar under the base this column .So it’s belived that this Column is sweating for this reason.

According to another belief, the Prophet Khidr, inserted his finger into hole on the colums and moved the entire building in the direction of Mecca . Namely, the story of “sweating pole” or in the other word “weeping pole “ appeared in the Ottoman period and fed by the İslamic faith.

The most current scientific explanation is that the porous structure of the column absorbs the underlaying water of the base by means of the capillaries in itself.But I wonder why only this column is made of porous stone? This question remains unanswered …

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