The First Human Traces in Istanbul

The Oldest Historical Monument of Istanbul

The First Human Traces in Istanbul

Egypt memory in Istanbul: The old and reputable “Dikilitas” in Sultanahmet… I.Theodosius, known as “Dikilitas” (Obelisk), is considered as the oldest living monument of Istanbul. The reliefed pedestal of it was maden by Byzantines and monolith column from pink granite of it was maden by Egyptians. This monuments was stood in front of Karnak Temple in Egypt for III.Tutmosis as a victory monument in BC 1500. Emperor II.Constantinus (337-361) made it removed to bring to Istanbul. This process couldn’t be completed because of death of the emperor.

Dikilitas waited in ground for 30 years and I.Theodosius (379-395) , who rebuilt Istanbul, brought it to Istanbul. Emperor I.Theodosius prepeared its pedestal but he didn’t live enough to stand it. Finally, the governor of Istanbul Proclus made it stood in AD 400.

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